What you do not know – Fearless helps you

Civil society organisation D.R.A.K. published a book this year titled

Bear Fearless –  „What you do not know – Fearless helps you“.

The book is intended for parents of children since birth till 3 years of age.

It uses a simple, understandable language that does not tire. Each chapter is accompanied by a picture of the bear Fearless illustrating activities typical for a given age. The book has been authored by D.R.A.K.’s employees who regularly work with the target group: parents, children and whole families, and are aware of their needs, with contributions from the target group. The illustrator and creator of the bear Fearless is a member of the sheltered workshop staff. The book will be distributed for free, up to 150 copies, to specific families. The parents will also receive a fabric bear Fearless, the guide through the book, with it as a gift for their children. The fabric teddy bear is made in our sheltered workshop. The project aims to raise the parental competencies and lower secondary disadvantages of children in the families on the edge of social exclusions or already socially excluded.

The book will be translated into German, English and Roma language and will be distributed together with the fabric teddy bear by our partner organizations abroad.

The value of the book and the fabric teddy bear is 300 CZK. For more information see our website or follow us on Facebook.

The following institutions supported the project financially:

the Regional Authority of the Liberec Region – Social Affairs Department

the Lasvit Foundation

Kooperativa insurance company

Thanks to their financial support the staff and clients of the sheltered workshop could keep working during this demanding time. Thank you for enabling us to work for the others.  💛🐉