D.R.A.K against poverty

D.R.A.K against poverty

About the project

Full name of the project: D.R.A.K against poverty

Realized by: Civil society organisation D.R.A.K.

Registration number: CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/16_052/0016489

Operational Programme Employment

Challenge Fund: 03_16_052, Promoting social inclusion in socially excluded locations, 3rd call for proposals

Realization period: 1.10.2020 – 30.6.2022

Project description

The project realized by civil society organisation D.R.A.K., z.s. aims to help remedy the fact that socially excluded people and the Roma minority lead a life of hardship. The project uses key activities to support and motivate the participants to develop the skills and competencies necessary employment and successful navigation of the job market in order to overcome their difficult social situation. Counselling, motivation courses, career diagnostics and training job positions are offered. The last but not least of our aims is helping to find a solution to the strained financial situation of the people in the target groups and preventing debt accumulation through education on financial management.

Target group

The target groups are socially excluded people, the Roma minority and people in danger of social exclusion that live in the territory of Liberec.

Project aims

The project has three basic aims

1) Lowering the number of distrained and overindebted people in Liberec and preventing their overindebtendness from becoming worse.

2) Raising the number of people who gained stable jobs and are able to remain employed.

3) Creating a regional social safety net.

Key activities

KA 1 Network creation and addressing the participants

The goal is to create a regional network and share information with organizations that already work with the target gropus. It also includes raising awareness of the members of target groups of the project key activities and motivating them to participate in the project.

KA 2 Running a counselling centre for the target groups

This is constitued by the following activities:

  1. a) Building and furnishing a counselling centre and a training workplace

A counselling centre and a training workplace will be built and furnished at our premises.

  1. b) Making agreements, balance and career diagnostics

Project participation agreements will be signed and written balance and career diagnotics of 40 participants will be created.

  1. c) A motivation course

Motivational courses for gropus of at most 8 persons are planned. They aim to grow the participants self-confidence, improving their work efficinecy and restoring their work habits. The contents of the courses include assessment of the client’s needs and issues, gaining motivation and self-confidence, learning about the job market and the benefits of employment and good practice examples as well as debt management and the disadvantages of depending on social security benefits and also supporting the clients‘ self-dependency or facilitating social contact.

  1. d) Career assessment

This activity provides participants with individual as well as group counselling necesssary for their employment as well as their further personal development.

  1. e) Career counselling

The aim is to counsel the participants and support them in job seeking, creating their portfolios and preparing for interviews and facilitating tours at the prospective employers.

  1. f) Training job positions

A maximum of 20 participants will be employed in training job positions, allowing them to build their work habits and skills in fully equipped workplaces such as kitchen, garden, janitor, sewing workshop or laundry (an external workplace).

KA 3 Overindebtedness prevention and intervention and raising financial literacy programme

The group and individual activities in this programme aims to lower overindebtedness and improve financial literacy among the target groups. The client’s problems with debts are assessed during the initial counselling session and the counsellors will help the client with financial planning, provide support in their house keeping and recommend in the following individual sessions and recommned and register the clients into the group activities. The group activities are planned for at most 8 participants and aim to improve the competencies regarding debt and finance management and finanncial literacy in general.

KA 4 Project evaluation

The project also incorporates an evaluation plan that tracks the four main aspects of the project: (1) Analysis of the initial state and identification of issues to be addressed, (2) The manner of addressing them, (3) evidence of change and of its benefits, (4) Requirements and propositons for further use of the project outcomes.

Project staff members

Project manager: Ing. Radim Čížek, radimcizek@seznam.cz

Guarantor: Mgr. Martin Korych, korych@sdruzenidrak.org

Project coordinator: Mgr. Bc. Vladimír Drahoš, drahos@druzenidrak.org, 607 662 007

Target group consultants:

Bc. Lenka Bobvošová,  bobvosova@sdruzenidrak.org, 602 440 731  

Mgr. Věra Voldřichová, voldrichova@sdruzenidrak.org, 606 032 310

Vocational counsellor: Mgr. Bc. Vladimír Drahoš, drahos@druzenidrak.org, 607 662 007

Peer workers: Jan Lányi, Marie Kondášová, Ladislav Mártha

The project has received funding from the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic under the terms of the Operational Programme Employment.