SAS Liberec and Hrádek districts

Type of social service:
Social activation services for families with children

Identification number:

Civil society organisation D.R.A.K., Oblačná 450/1, 460 05 Liberec 5

CRN 266 36 328

Target groups:
Families with children

The age range corresponds to that of family members (children, parents and grandparents).

The provision of the service is conditioned by either having permanent residence in the Liberec region or ties to it (sojourn, employment, family ties etc.).

When and where is the service provided:

· Counselling centre Liberec: Oblačná 450/1, Liberec 5, opening hours: Thursday 9 a.m.- 4 p.m., or as agreed

· Counselling centre Hrádek nad Nisou: Horní náměstí 71, Hrádek nad Nisou, opening hours: Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (only after previous arrangement)

Note: in order to visit the counselling centre in Hrádek, it is necessary to contact the counsellor at least a day beforehand (viz. see contact information below) and arrange your visit.

The service can also be provided in your home setting, after an agreement. The streetworkers can be contacted Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


What can we help with?

  • Educational and activization activities,
  • facilitating social contact,
  • social therapy,
  • help with asserting the clients‘ rights and interests and attending to their personal matters,
  • basic social counselling and facilitating expert social counselling if needed.

This means that the social worker can provide support to the families for example in the following areas: child care and education, obtaining compensation aids, advising about relationship problems, job seeking, finding accommodation, financial management and debt advice or connecting with institutions, schools, authorities and other organizations.

Facultative activities
No facultative services are offered.

Making use of the service
Contact the counsellors either in person at the counselling centres or call or email using the information provided below:

Bc. Ivana Storchová

service coordinator for Liberec and Hrádek districts
phone: +420 725 775 909, +420 485 102 668

Mgr. Jiřina Šťástková

Liberec district
phone: +420 770 145 619, +420 485 102 668

Mgr. Markéta Třísková

phone: +420 485 102 668


1. Upon first contact the client is always registered in the First contacts forms.

2. We help the client fill out the application form which is kept either in their folder or in the pending applications folder (waiting list for capacity reasons).

3. We also give the client Service internal rules and Complaint procedure instructions to become familiar with them.

4. Then we create an agreement with the client, who reads it and any questions are answered.

5. Written agreements are preferred. If for any reason the client is unable to assess the agreement and if the client requests it, the counsellor will inform them about the contents of the agreement and the parties will enter the agreement using the Record of oral agreement form.

If an agreement is made it will conform to all the requirements declared in § 91 of Act No. 108/20016 Sb. on social services as subsequently amended.. The agreement may not be entered if any reasons given there become relevant to the case in question.

Downland agreement template

The service cannot be provided anonymously.

Service setting

The service is provided in our two counselling centres in the Liberec region or in your home setting. We want to be close to you to make the service accessible to the greatest number of clients possible.

The Liberec counselling centre is fully wheelchair accessible. The counselling centre in Hrádek has a wheelchair accessible area that is not a part of the premises, so its use needs to be arranged beforehand.

We make use of various available systems and databases, such as legal information system or vacancy database to provide our clients with current information. If the service is provided in home setting, its security for both the client and the counsellor must be ensured.

You can find us in Liberec, Oblačná near tramway stop Mlýnská. The counselling centre is in the upper floor of the two-store building, accessible from the pathway. Free parking possible on the street in front of the building. You can also come by after getting off the bus at Fügner street, after 5-10 minutes. In the building there are also sheltered workshops (ground floor), a dentist, a physiotherapist and a few other non-profit organizations. There is a passageway through the whole floor providing wheelchair access to all areas. There are wheelchair accessible toilets available and upon request also other pieces of equipment such as a computer connected to internet or toys for children. The counselling centre is situated in the middle of the passageway and usually there are several staff members present. In case more privacy is needed, the meeting can take place in another room on the same floor. The staff members have the necessary equipment (phone, computer, internet access, copy machine, scanner) at their disposal.

The counselling centre in Hrádek is located in the information centre building in Horní square. The square can be used for parking for a fee. The premises are small and shred by several organizations so meetings must be arranged beforehand. Wheelchair accessibility is limited but can be fully ensured upon request. The meetings usually take place in a room where only the counsellor and the client are present. The counsellor members has the necessary equipment (phone, computer, internet access, copy machine, scanner) at their disposal.


The maximum capacity is one meeting in the centre and one in the client’s home setting at any one time. This means that the service can be provided to one client in the counselling centre and one in the client’s home setting. Due to the workload of the counsellors it may happen that it will not be possible to meet with the client in their home setting for capacity reasons. Being available at the counselling centre in the office hours is prioritized. Field counselling, at the clients‘ home setting, is provided primarily outside the office hours but both forms of counselling can be combined if there is a sufficient number of counsellors available.

The service is provided for free.

Service rules

The meetings with clients are ambulatory, in the centre or their home setting (home, school, institutions etc.). The client always has one counsellor (key counsellor) working with them. The meetings take place according the arrangement between the client and the counsellor on workdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The duration of the service depends on the severity of the problem and is regulated by the Service provision agreement. Its usual duration does not exceed two years.

A condition necessary for the provision of the service is the client’s initiative and active cooperation. We respect clients‘ wishes and needs and make sure they are reflected in the individual plan of the service. The client’s participation is always voluntary and the client can terminate the service at any moment.

Rights and duties of client and the service provider for dowland,

available in printed form at the counselling centres and given to the clients upon entering into the agreement.

Complaint procedure

Filing a complaint, proposal or a point of order cannot be to the detriment of the complaining party or the client on whose behalf it was made. The complaining party may not suffer any injury to their rights and interests as a consequence of filling in a complaint even if that complaint has proved to be unsubstantiated.

A complaint, proposal or point of order can be filed anonymously – it will be investigated in the same manner as when the complaining party is known. The form that a complaint, proposal or a point of order can take is not prescribed. It can be written (emailed, posted or put in designated boxes at all our centres) or oral.

Any complaint, proposal or a point of order is chronologically recorded under its order number in D.R.A.K.’s Wishes and Complaints Record. Every complaint, proposal or a point of order gets its own folder with the same order number it has in D.R.A.K’s Wishes and Complaints Record.

The details of the process can be found in Process Rules for Complaints, Proposals and Points of Order.

Complaints regarding the service can also be filed at the local municipality with extended competence (for the counselling centres in Liberec and Hrádek n. N. it is the municipal authority of Liberec). If necessary it is also possible to contact the Regional Authority of the Liberec Region or the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Service termination rules

Both parties have right to terminate the service provision agreement. The client needs to give no reason to terminate the service, the provider can do so only for the following reasons:

  • the client behaves to the staff in a manner degrading their dignity or endangering their safety
  •  The client persists in violating the service rules and or does not perform the duties stated in the service provision agreement or its appendices,
  •  the client has made no use of the service for more than 2 months,
  •  the provider has terminated operations,
  • The service is also terminated by the expiration of the agreement.

The termination of the service is always recorded in D.R.A.K’s client’s folder.