Provided social services

By providing social services we help clients with self-care, can offer catering and accommodation as well as assistance with house-keeping, treatment, help for parents and carers and can also offer information and help with asserting their rights and interests, providing information, arranging social contacts, psychological and social therapy.

Our aim in offering the services is to support the development of clients‘ skills and self-sufficiency or at least its maximal preservation, their return to the home setting, the restoration or preservation of their original, and as far as possible independent, life-style, as well as lowering social and health risks connected to that life-style.

The services commonly include help with self-care and personal hygiene, help with catering and cooking, acommodation or help with securing it, help with house-keeping, activization and educational activities, counselling, arranging social contacts, arranging social contacts, therapeutic activities and help with help with asserting the clients‘ rights and interests. Activities covered in each kind of service are declared in implementing regulations.